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Industrial Services

Waste Management Services



Over the last 18 years, Integrity Metal, Inc., has developed long-term relationships with a large network of mills and foundries throughout the Southern California area. Our well-established network of consumers enhances our business ability to provide our clients, both large and small continual competitive pricing for all grades and types of scrap metal.


Integrity Metal, Inc., offers added value to our industrial suppliers of scrap metal. Here is a list of benefits we offer all of our customers.

Waste Managements

Waste Management services available upon request.

  • Pick-ups within 24 hours of notice with our fleet of trucks.
  • Use of our state of art metal segregation system to sort and package varied types of scrap metals with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Payment within three business days.
  • A well-trained and courteous staff.


Integrity Metal, Inc., assists many of its customers in making informed decisions regarding the best handling of their scrap metals on site. We can help you maximize your revenue by offering operational recommendations for the liquidation of surplus inventory.

Customer Benefits

  • Speedy Commercial Pick-up Service
  • Mitigate liability and free up valuable warehouse space
  • Prompt payment
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